DIY: Clear Phone Cases

DIY phone cases

Hey guys! AHHH, I am so excited to share my very first DIY project. I am constantly on the lookout for clear phone cases. In my opinion, I think it’s a waste not to show the pretty colors of the actual phones (especially the gold iPhone)! On top of that, clear cases are becoming super popular! TBH though, those really cute henna cases are quite expensive! So here are some cheap and cute DIY ideas just for you guys! 🙂

 I spent less than $20 on all the materials! For the price of one case, you could create so many more. The main item you need is a clear case for your phone. Next, scavenge for some cute prints or quotes that you can use (post cards, pictures, card stock, etc.)! If you can’t find any, try printing some from online.

I decided to visit my local craft store and found some really cute lace and cut-out flowers!henna inspired phone caseI’ve always thought henna cases were super adorable! Since it is a bit pricey, I thought lace might be a good alternative!


DIY henna phone case

  1. Take your lace and place it however you’d like on your phone.
  2. Measure and cut off the extra lace.
  3. Place the lace back on and pop on your clear case.

I love how something this cute can be so simple and easy!DIY floral phone case

  1. Arrange the card stock however you’d like and tape it to your phone.
  2. Flip the phone around and trace off the excess.
  3. Remove the card stock and cut off the excess.
  4. Place the cut card stock back onto your phone.
  5. Pop on your case and YOU’RE DONE!!

DIY phone caseIt is honestly so easy that I can’t stop making different ones! The best part is I can have a different design everyday. Hope this inspired you guys to be creative with your phones. Have fun crafting!


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