DIY: Indoor Terrarium

DIY terrarium I’ve been obsessed with succulents for the longest time ever and always wanted to make my own terrarium. Since I don’t really have a green thumb and succulents are known to be low maintenance, I decided to give it a try!

First, you need to gather a variety of succulent plants. My friend (I know she’s gonna read this, so HI MITCH!) suggested me to go to this awesome nursery in Irvine that had tons of options to choose from! If you guys live in the OC area then definitely check the place out, it’s called OC Succulents!

succulents for terrarium

how to make a terrarium  Preparing the base

Find a container of your choice. It could be a jar, vase, bowl, or whatever you’d like.

  1. Fill the bottom with pebbles/rocks at least 1″ thick.
  2. Create a layer of activated charcoal or carbon. This is used to help with drainage and to prevent odor.   Tip: Try to avoid the sides because we don’t want to see the charcoal fall through the pebbles
  3. Take a plastic cup and fill it 1/4 with water and 3/4 of your soil. Mix until it forms an even consistency.
  4. Use your wet soil to create a thin layer, focusing more on the sides. This is to prevent your main layer of dry soil from mixing into the layer of pebbles. We wanna keep our layers nice and separate!
  5. Fill the rest of the container up with dry soil. I recommend using one specifically for cacti.

how to depot succulent Depotting your succulents

  1. Gently squeeze the sides of the pot.
  2. Carefully pull your plant out of the pot.
  3. Rub your fingers into the soil separating it from the roots.
  4. Use your fingers to dig a small hole in your soil.
  5. Place your plant into the hole and cover it up with soil. Make sure you press the soil firmly to keep everything in place. To help your plants stand up better, add more soil to the sides as support.

easy DIY terrariumAs decoration, you can add some pebbles on top, but I decided to do a thin layer of broken glass used to decorate aquariums. It came out to be super cute!

I just love how it adds life into the room! Let’s hope I can keep them alive though…

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