DIY: Marbled Mugs

It’s been quite a crazy month, but I’m finally back with a new DIY!DIYmugI’ve always loved anything watercolored or marbled, so watercolor and mugs together?! YES PLEASE! Trust me guys these adorable mugs are affordable and easy to make! 🙂

things needed for DIY Marbled Mug

All ya need are a couple of things!

  • A deep tin pan
  • White mugs
  • Nail polish
  • Toothpicks
  • Acrylic Sealer (optional)

DIY Marbled Mug water tubStep 1: Fill your tin pan with warm water. Make sure your pan is actually deep enough to cover at least half of the mug you’re going to dip!

DIY Marbled Mug Nail PolishStep 2: Start adding drops of your nail polish! I decided to use two colors (a darker pink and a lighter pink), but one color should do the trick. Make sure you’re letting your nail polish drip close to the water, this prevents the drops from sinking down to the bottom of the pan! Keep adding nail polish until you see the color expand (like shown in the pic!)
DIY Marbled Mug MarbelizingStep 3: Take your toothpick and gently start swirling the color to create the marble affect! Make sure you’re doing this quickly because you don’t want the polish to dry up! If you accidentally drag a dry part, just pull your toothpick to the side (like shown below) and avoid dipping your mug into the dry areas. 
DIY Marbled Mug toothpick marbelizing

DIY Marble Mug DippingStep 4: Choose a spot with the nicest design and dip your cup into the water(don’t dip too low because you don’t want the nail polish to touch the top of the cup)! Hold your cup still, while using your other hand (with the toothpick) start swirling up the excess nail polish surrounding your cup. Afterwards, lift up your cup! You can use nail polish remover and a Q-tip to erase any mistakes on your cup.

DIY Marbleized MugsStep 5: Let your cup dry upside down for around an hour! Take your acrylic sealer and spray only the part with the design! Remember to avoid the top of the cup where you will be drinking out of. Let this dry overnight! Before using, make sure you wash the cup completely and it should be ready to use!

watercolor mugJust a warning that these are NOT microwave/dishwasher safe! 

If you decide to do this fun DIY, I would love to see them! Feel free to tag me in pics or send me your creations via email. Also, I want to apologize for not posting often lately, these past few months have been tough! Now that 2015 is coming to an end, I’m getting super excited for the new year! Stay updated because I have a lot of blogs planned!


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