Captured Moments: San Francisco!

japanese tea garden in san francisco








If you guys didn’t know yet, I actually visited San Fran for the first time in December! Although I only had one full day to explore(ended up napping half of the day), it was lots of fun. I love traveling ’cause it’s so interesting to see the different lifestyles. Even though I traveled within California, the vibe that SF gave off was super different. I was being a total tourist… everything was just so foreign and gorgeous. The food was sooo good, I kinda wish I bought a bunch of those crawfish beignets back! Also, the fact that we had no car or anyone to show us around, our trip was like a fun challenge!

If you guys wanna see more of what we did in the bay area then check out my vlog channel!


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DIY: Marbled Mugs

It’s been quite a crazy month, but I’m finally back with a new DIY!DIYmugI’ve always loved anything watercolored or marbled, so watercolor and mugs together?! YES PLEASE! Trust me guys these adorable mugs are affordable and easy to make! 🙂


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Life Update: Loss of Motivation

loss of motivation

Yes, I know. It’s been an entire month since I’ve been on here. I have my reasons though.

This month I’ve realized something about myself. Each year, I go through this weird phase where I just lose all my motivation. I don’t wanna go to school. I call off work. The stress that’s been building up finally hits me… so I find every little excuse to just stay in bed. Basically, I go into the “why does my life suck so freaking much” mode. During this period of time, (that lasts about 2-3 weeks) I contemplate my life.

“There are so many people my age that are doing something better with their lives. There are so many people my age traveling the world.”

And then there’s me, waking up at stupid 7AM to go to a 3 hour chemistry lab (NTS: Don’t take a 7AM class pls christy). It’s just so unfair.

So I just stay in bed. I take time off and give myself some space from everything. Some people think I’m crazy since I’ll be behind in school, but to me, this is way more important. I just need a breather. Fast forward to two weeks later, I realize that moping around in bed isn’t gonna change anything… so I decided to make a list for the future me and anyone else who has problems getting their butts outta bed. 🙂

Tips to Motivate Yourself to GTFO of Bed

  1. List the pros and cons of you getting up. Me every morning: The bed is so comfy and nice. I’ll be energized and happy when I naturally wake up later on. BUT, I do have a quiz today… and I don’t wanna be 3 hours behind in lab… and I’m gonna be lost in lecture.
  2. Stretch! Straighten your body and lift your hands all the way up and point your toes! This will help your blood start running through your body.
  3. Drink up. Start off your day with a nice cup of cold water. If you’re like me and need something a bit stronger, get a cup of tea or coffee.
  4. Turn on some music. Personally, I love my old school R&B so it always puts me in a good mood and I kind of forget my shitty morning.
  5. Reward yourself! Treat yourself out to some good food or even a shopping trip. This will help you get through your day by having something to look forward to.
  6. Remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Everyone has goals set for themselves. Achieving it can be stressful and time consuming, but bring back the motivation that made you start it. Whether it be work or school, there is a reason why you’re going. So remind yourself of your goals every morning.

Time for you to get back on track Christy!



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